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Uppdaterat: 11 juli 2021

Hellouuuuu all amazing and fantastic members!! 🤩🤩 We decided to open this blog so we can keep you update with all our news. Yes I know! 🙈 We give news already by email and Facebook Groups but I want all to have all the information everywhere so you don’t miss it.

In this blog we will let you know about the events we have or events are around us that can be interested, for example, maybe all our Silea’s students will like to see her in one of her performers, or maybe other parents wants to join us in a Zumba Pass on the beach, we will keep you inform about our prices, changes we did in general etc.

If you have more ideas about what will you like to read in our Blog you are super welcome!!

Thanks for being part of this amazing and super fantastic community we are building together!! 🤩🤩

Saludos - Regards - Hälsningar


Falkenberg Academy

"The Academy Of All And For All"

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